Spa Services

Available only to our registered guests by advance reservation through our front desk.

Swedish massage, reflexology, and deep tissue massage at Casa Laguna Inn and Spa

Our indoor and outdoor spas pamper guests with rejuvenating massage, reflexology, salt scrubs, and/or a relaxing soak. These services are available to our registered guests only. Outdoor services subject to weather and availability. Advance reservations are always required and must be made by calling our front desk at 1-800-233-0449. Cancellation policies and penalties are strictly enforced. Be sure to read Spa Policies.

Togetherness Massage

Simultaneous massages for two are performed in an intimate ambiance allowing you and your partner to share the bliss. Sixty or ninety minute massage (indoors or out depending on weather and availability) and forty-five minute therapeutic soak in our ocean view garden tub (subject to availability) with complimentary champagne and flutes. Sixty-minute massage, forty-five min. soak -- $270. Ninety minute massage, forty-five min. soak – $320.

Swedish Massage

An oil massage, using five types of manipulation: long strokes, kneading, deep circular movement, tapping, and vibration to promote relaxation, improve circulation, relieve tension, and expand the range of motion. Sixty minutes $110. Ninety minutes $150.

Deep Tissue Massage

A deep, penetrating form of massage designed to separate the fibers of the muscles and release both toxins and deeply held patterns of tension. Sixty minutes $120. Ninety minutes $160.


This healing massage stimulates energy pathways through reflexes on the feet, hands and ears, promoting relaxation and a sense of well-being. Sixty minutes $130. Ninety minutes $160.

Enjoy the romance of couples massage at Casa Laguna Inn & Spa, a Laguna Beach hotel.

Sunset Togetherness

Includes same features as Togetherness Massage, but tub is booked for sunset. Pricing as above but with additional $50 service fee to assure soak begins at sunset. For obvious reasons, sunset quality or visibility cannot be guaranteed and no refunds will be given.

Salt Polish and Pamper

The experience begins with an invigorating and exfoliating Papaya Salt Glow scrub. The ingredients in our special apothecary blend nourish the skin while gently renewing its appearance. The scrub is followed by a refreshing rinse and a relaxing rub down. Your choice of aromatherapy essences will be infused throughout the treatment. Restricted to ninety minutes only $170.

Hot Stone Massage

A massage technique using warm stones gently placed on and under the body at precise trigger points. Stone massage is a great treatment for melting away stress, and has a profoundly relaxing effect on the mind and body. Restricted to ninety minutes only, $160.

Aroma Therapy can be added to any treatment for $10.00. Ask your therapist for list of scents.

Therapeutic Soak Tub Only:

Use of our theraputic soak tub is considered a spa treatment, and is available by reservation only, as priced below. The tub is not otherwise open to guests. Bathing suits must be worn at all times. This is the tub and view featured in our “signature” photograph. Because this is a popular service that is usually included in our “Togetherness” massage packages, “soak tub only” reservations can only be made on the morning of the treatment. For the best overall spa value and the ability to make advance spa tub reservations, reserve one of our “Togetherness” packages.

Romance in the Garden -- Therapeutic Soak with Champagne

Take a 45 minute therapeutic soak in our ocean view garden tub. (Subject to availability.) Alongside the tub you will find a bottle of sparkling wine and two souvenir champagne flutes featuring our romantic tower logo. $60

Sunset in the Garden -- Therapeutic Soak with Champagne

Includes the same features as Romance in the Garden, but the soak starts promptly at sunset. (Subject to availability.) Pricing is as above, but with an additional $50 service fee to assure soak begins at sunset. For obvious reasons, sunset quality or visibility cannot be guaranteed and no refunds will be given.

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