• Coconut Flax Gluten-Free Pancakes

    The batter for these delicious pancakes contains six different gluten-free flours, but don't think they are just for Celiac sufferers. They are loved by all. This recipe is featured in Episode 4 of our YouTube cooking show, Breakfast Casa Laguna Style with Chef Sarah.

  • Huevos Con Crema

    Mentioned in a recent New York Times travel article, our chefs' Huevos Con Crema is a simple but delicious dish with two eggs coddled in a luscious mixture of cream, butter, and chorizo sausage, and topped with herbed bread crumbs.

  • Eggs in Heaven

    This is our tasty take on the classic Naples dish, Eggs in Purgatory. Two perfectly poached eggs are nestled into a bowl of fresh pomodoro sauce, then topped with a brûléed parmesan gratin. Accompanied by a trio of crispy crostini spread with herbed goat cheese

  • Laguna Egg Rolls

    Breakfast Egg Rolls with Salsa Cremoso

    Egg rolls for breakfast? Why not? They're crunchy, savory, and delicious. And they go perfectly with lightly spicy Salsa Cremoso. And, shhhhh, don't tell the carnivores--they're even vegetarian! They’ll never know.

  • Laguna Benedict

    A very non-traditional “bene” with a slice of Panko-herb-crusted beefsteak tomato at the base; topped with a crispy, roasted asparagus & cipollini onion mini-empanada and a perfectly poached egg; then finished with brown butter thyme Hollandaise and crispy prosciutto.

  • Roasted Tomato Gaspacho (Gaspachotinis)

    Visually appealing and so very delicious, Chef Todd's Gaspachotinis were created exclusively for Casa Laguna's evening wine & cheese reception.

  • Fruit-filled Æbleskivers

    Chef’s Josh’s Æbleskiver recipe includes three fruit compotes that are used to fill the pastry. The real trick to perfect Æbleskivers is to practice making the turn adeptly at the right time so that both sides are golden brown.

  • South Laguna Benedict

    This is the recipe for Chef Josh Roberts’ entry in the Casa Laguna Culinary Cook-off. Ravioli for breakfast? You bet! Here’s everything you need to know to make this unique and flavorful dish

  • Salmon Crepe Purse

    Smoked Salmon Crepe Purse with Cream Cheese Dill Mousse and Fennel Oil

    This recipe by Chef Peter O’Keefe was the Silver Medal Winner in the 2007 Select Registry “Inncredible Egg” competition.

  • Crab Rösti Benedict

    Dungeness Crab Rösti Benedict with Choron Sauce

    This recipe by Chef Cale Falk was the 2008 Gold Medal Winner in Select Registry’s “Inncredible Egg” cookoff. Historically, Rösti is a traditional Swiss dish made with fried, grated potatoes, often combined with a variety of ingredients of the chef’s choosing.

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