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The Red Chair visits the Pageant and Playhouse, then Takes a Private Helicopter Ride to Catalina

With a little help from our local friends, Casa Laguna gave the the intrepid Red Chair the experience of a lifetime, first serving as a volunteer at the Pageant of the Masters, then appearing on stage with an award winning dancer/actor. Red Chair Update - Day 3: "Red" volunteered at the Pageant of the Masters, first as an assistant to the set painter (scenic artist David Cook), then as a stand-in for Madame X in the Portrait of Madame X. Finally, Red imagined being on stage before his fans. Asked for a comment about the pageant's world renowned living pictures, the chair replied, "At first I thought it was all smoke and mirrors, now I know it's really a spectacular marriage of paint and light." Later that day, "Red" had the opportunity to dance on stage at the Laguna Playhouse with David Engel who is currently starring in Six Lessons in Six Weeks with the famed Leslie Caron. As you can tell from the photos, David was challenged by the Red Chair to pull off some pretty impressive moves.


Then it was time for the chair to move on to its next destination--requiring, for the only time on its journey, a trip across the ocean. Through special arrangements made by Kathleen and Rock at the Avalon Hotel, Red was transported by Island Express Helicopters to the city of Avalon on Catalina Island. Unfortunately, Red could not fly on his own, which meant that the management of Casa Laguna had to go along and have a grand meal before spending the night at the beautiful Avalon Hotel before returning to the mainland.


Casa Laguna was so happy to be a part of the Red Chair Travels project, and Red asked us to give special thanks to all the people who made his Laguna Beach stay an non-stop adventure. Great big thank yous go to: Beth, Kaylee, and Marti at Red Chair Travels; Model Giselle Osle and her agent Tanner Hartsock; Mike Tauber from Laguna Outreach for Community Arts; Ruben Flores at Laguna Nursery; Sharbie Higuchi and the staff at Pageant of the Masters; Dee Dee Irwin, David Cook, and the staff at Laguna Playhouse; and, the pilots and crew at Island Express Helicopters.  Our special thanks to Ashley Johnson at Visit Laguna Beach, whose prized connections and dedicated efforts made all this so much easier than it would have been without her.






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