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Casa Laguna's Chef de Cuisine Tastes Her Way Through Europe--Final Installment--Paris

Bon Jour from Paris,

We have thoroughly enjoyed our journey & could not think of a better way to cap it all off then to spend a few days in Paris! The weather has been a welcome change from Rome's sweltering heat! We are staying in an apartment just a few blocks from the famous Rue Cler, where one can find gastronomic delights for every palate! Here we purchased some roasted chicken (which you see all over the city, roasting in food shop windows) & little baby roasted potatoes- much like the ones we make each day for Casa Laguna's breakfasts!! We had some of the best gazpacho here in Paris as well! Of course we have parked ourselves in a few cafes to enjoy a bottle of wine while people-watching. I think anyone who has visited Paris understands that this is compulsory!

We have eaten many tasty meals throughout Europe & I have been feverishly jotting down ideas for Casa Laguna’s Fall menu. I have enjoyed the recharge on my culinary battery & the time spent with my family! We have walked along ancient cobble stones, climbed to the top of castle turrets, marveled at the natural beauty of the beaches of San Sebastian, and stood in front of some of the worlds most treasured pieces of art- and right now....I am looking forward to getting back to the good 'ol USA and firing up the back yard Bar-B-Q to make the American classic: CHEESBURGERS!!! Have an exciting 4th of July celebration, wherever you are & I will see you soon at Casa Laguna, bright and early for breakfast!

Au Revoir, Ciao, & Adios for now!

Chef Michell Bretall

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