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Casa Laguna's Chef de Cuisine Tastes Her Way Through Europe--Barcelona & Rome

Hello again, from Barcelona!

Today we explored La Boqueria. Where one can enjoy a fresh , icy cold juice from various delicious fruit combinations! I really enjoyed my passion pineapple! This is a central market where you can find just about anything you would want to fill your kitchen with enticing aromas! Select from chicken, fish, meats & what seemed like an endless selection of fruits, vegetables, spices & locally created candies & sweets! I was impressed with the little stall selling eggs. But I had to wait until I returned back to our apartment to find out what birds some of these eggs came from. Everything from this vendor was in Catalan! So in case you are curious, there are duck, chicken, pheasant & partridge eggs to choose from! Im kind of thinking they may all taste pretty similar... what do you think ? Has anyone had partridge eggs??? Food for thought!

Tomorrow I am off to Rome!!!

Chef Bretall

Rome has been special!

I love Italy & was very determined to "shoe horn" a visit into our trip. We began the day with  a lovely morning stroll through the Piazza Navona, one of the largest piazzas in Rome; usually very crowded with tourists, vendors, performance artists, musicians & artists vying for your attention! But  if you arrive before 9am, the piazza is yours, and quite majestic with the sun seeping through the antique buildings  & the three fountains just beginning to fill their basins! A quick cappuccino at St. Eustachio Cafe ("the best" coffee in Rome) and off to Campo de' Fiori for supplies. We arrived just as the outdoor market was opening, and felt like locals ,selecting our fruits & vegetables for the next couple days. I chose some Romano beans, which I can never find at home and always enjoy, salad veggies,  strawberries, zucchini blossoms, peaches and an assortment of nuts. On our way back to the apartment we popped in at Il Fornaio for several pastries & focaccia bread that was soooo good! I wish every day could begin as quaintly as today. 


Chef Bretall

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