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Casa Laguna's New Website

If you came to this blog via the website, this may seem a bit redundant. But many of our blog readers come directly from Facebook and Twitter, so bear with me.

Welcome to Casa Laguna's brand new website. This is only the fourth website design in the inn's 11-year history, and it replaces an all-Flash version that was cutting edge when introduced just six years ago. But, today, technology advances at the speed of nano-gnats and all-Flash-based websites are quickly giving way to clean, well-organized, and easily accessible HTML5 sites like the one created for us by Azaris Studios.

The concept of "below the fold" is gone. iPads and iPhones took care of that. You'll see that the pages are once again "page-like." Hey....that's what that scroll wheel on your mouse is for. Scroll up, scroll down, it's all there with a flick of the thumb.

The current version of our site is fully mobile-capable, and looks great on our iPhones, as is. However, a simplified, dedicated mobile version of the site will be up and running in a few weeks.

The first thing you'll notice about the new site is the big, bold photographs. Even if you know nothing about Casa Laguna, you'll quickly get a feel for our grounds, rooms, and amenities, in less than one minute, by watching the automatically repeating slide show on the home page. Like what you see? Scroll down just below the slide show and click one of the three representative photos that will take you to pages full of information about our comfy rooms, highly-acclaimed food, and soothing spa services.

If you're more of a visual person, just skip to the gallery page. Then sit back and watch the show. Within minutes you'll have a perfect picture of Casa Laguna's style and beauty. Ready to pull the trigger on a reservation? Just about anywhere you are on the site, there's an obvious "Check Availability" bar or button. Need directions to the inn? Click on over to the Contact page and type in your address. One click more and you have a map and detailed directions.

We sincerely thank Robert, Darryl, and the Azaris Team for giving us the opportunity to work closely with them on the design of the new site. They could not have been more obliging and open to our suggestions. We are already using their superb Vortex dashboard to make little tweaks, add photos, write this blog, and add even more personalization. (No, Vortex is not WordPress. Check out the link.)

We should also again recognize Matt and Mark, a.k.a. Jumping Rocks Photography, for the bulk of the photographs you'll see on the website. I wish we could give them specific credit for the individual photos they took, but that's just not possible. Check out this YouTube slide show to see the entire Jumping Rocks Casa Laguna Portfolio.

We hope you have the time to browse through the site and give us your feedback. If not, we know that you will make use of the site again and again in the coming years as you select your rooms, schedule a "Special," and/or make a reservation. Now, it's easier than ever to become part of the Casa Laguna family.

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