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Casa Laguna's Summer 2011 Menu

Our New Breakfast Menu

Casa Laguna’s culinary team has just completed development of our new summer breakfast menu and wine & cheese reception offerings.Topping the “new arrival” list on the breakfast menu is the Casa Biscuit and Gravy, a fresh, gourmet take that’s definitely nothing like your grandma’s biscuits and gravy. The “biscuit” is a wheel of crispy rosemary polenta cake, smothered in sausage-mushroom gravy, and topped with a classic “over easy” egg. Our ever-changing Seasonal Vegetable Hash makes a great side for this entrée. Our most recent version of this hash—made with fresh ingredients from the local Farmer’s Market—is the most flavorful yet.

Each of our chefs have brought new and delicious changes to our essential Laguna Benedict. The latest version starts with a seared Beefsteak tomato breaded in Panko and dried herbs as the base, topped with a crispy roasted asparagus & cipollini onion mini-empanada. A perfectly poached egg takes its usual place, finished with brown butter thyme Hollandaise and a sprinkling of crispy prosciutto. The Chef’s Summer Cauliflower Omelet has Chayote Squash in the mix, and is served open face with nutty, roasted cauliflower, grape tomatoes, and pancetta lardons. Our popular waffles and Æbleskiver have both undergone a flavor change, and from what we’ve heard so far, the guests are thrilled with the  English Toffee Waffle, and the Blueberry & Bittersweet Chocolate Æbleskiver combo (3 of each!).


Gourmet Evening Wine & Cheese Offerings

We have also brought our evening Wine & Cheese Reception up yet another gourmet notch with some delicious and beautifully presented new items. (Keep in mind that these offerings will change with the availability of seasonal ingredients and the whim of the chef, so all of the items mentioned may not be available during your visit.) Our Gazpachotini—served in a martini glass of course—is a scrumptious roasted heirloom tomato gazpacho with cilantro, cucumber, yellow bell pepper, and garlic. The heirloom tomatoes are roasted to bring out a sweet nuttiness for this light and vibrant dish. The Polenta Bite, served in a ceramic spoon, is a mascarpone polenta served with candied walnut pesto and oven-roasted tomato. And then there is the unique Blood Orange Crisp with Melon Pokey. For this dish the chef zests, poaches, and then triple-brulees slices of blood orange for a mouthwatering blast of flavor. The “crisps” are then topped with a melon pokey and crisp prosciutto.  And, of course, our guests rave about our selection of rare and unusual gourmet cheeses, accompanied by cheesy-crisps, crackers, or crostini.

Keep in mind that Casa Laguna is a bed & breakfast inn, therefore you must experience our beds before you can experience our breakfasts. Sorry, our food service, like all our amenities, is provided for the enjoyment of our registered guests only.

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