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These Pictures are Worth 30,000 Words

There comes a time when even the most beautiful photographs can become a bit dated. And now that the new Casa Laguna is a decade in the making, we felt it was time to update our photography. We chose Matthew Lovette, Photographer, and Mark Smith, Photo Stylist, a.k.a. Jumping Rocks Photography, for this somewhat daunting task, and they proved themselves up to the challenge. Mat and Mark have produced a superb YouTube video featuring the top 30 images from the shoot, and we are proud to showcase them through this link. In the coming weeks, these images (and more) will make their way into our web presence and promotions; and, eventually, into a new, more contemporary website. We salute Jumping Rocks Photography for their vision and expertise, and we thank them for capturing Casa Laguna’s beauty and essence.

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