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Casa Laguna's Winter Menu is Packed with Exciting New Gourmet Breakfast Fare from Executive Chef Josh Roberts

After winning consecutive silver and gold medals at the Select Registry breakfast cook-offs in 2007 and 2008, respectively, Casa Laguna management has worked with our talented chefs to assure that we remain a top “foodie” destination by using the freshest locally sourced ingredients; by providing a varied selection of breakfast entrees every day; and, by coming up with new and unique breakfast offerings so that new and returning guests will never be bored with “the same old thing.”

The latest menu from Executive Chef, Josh Roberts, is all about “seasonal,” or perhaps better stated, “the season.” It’s “comfort food” unlike any you’ve ever tasted, starting with his Holiday Steak & Eggs (pictured). Those of you who’ve had Josh’s take on steak and eggs before know that it’s never what the name usually implies. This time, the “steak” is a lollipop pork chop covered in onion jam and served with a fried egg and confit fingerling potatoes. Delicious and so satisfying.

Then there’s a Winter Chocolate Crepe that doesn’t stop with just a Chocolate Bavarian Cream filling. Strawberry and Fig Chutney, Banana Scallops, and Candied Pecans are all part of the show.

If savory is your thing, then the Casa Roasted Fennel Omelet is where you’ll land. It’s bursting with flavors of roasted fennel puree, forest mushrooms, grape tomatoes, pearl onions, pancetta lardons, and parsnip chips.

Josh’s seasonal waffles are always a favorite. This time out it’s a take on Apple Cobbler, with apple cinnamon compote, ginger cream anglaise, almond rosemary streusel, and vanilla bean whipped cream.

His Abelskivers trio is also back with new flavors: Lemon Ricotta, Blueberry Balsamic, and Vanilla Bean Crème. And some of our returning guests have been known to threaten us with bodily harm when we take the Laguna Benedict off the menu, so Chef Josh has taken to sneaking in little changes that challenge their taste memory. Shhhh…this time it’s a change in the Ravioli base, now stuffed with braised kale and goat cheese.  And of course we still have a fabulous Seasonal Vegetable Hash, and our house-made Vegan Pacific Museli.

Watch the blog for more updates to see what our culinary team comes up with next, and we’ll also be posting more recipes in the very near future. Bon Appétit.

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