Reviewing Mozambique's Happy Hour

Oct 31, 2010  ·  0 Comments

We recently had the opportunity to revisit Mozambique Steakhouse to try their new Happy Hour fare, and it remains clear that when it comes to delicious food for a great price, Mozambique delivers. When visitors ask where they can get a good steak or listen to some live music, Mozambique is always  ·  Read more

Laguna Playhouse 90th Anniversary

Oct 23, 2010  ·  0 Comments

 We were pleased to attend the Laguna Playhouse 90th Anniversary gathering on Friday evening, October 22, 2010. A number of guests and dignitaries were present at the downtown Laguna Beach site of the original 1920 playhouse for the dedication of a “callboard” plaque designed and  ·  Read more

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