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Unique Plants & Flowers at Casa Laguna, Laguna Beach, CA

Stage Horn Fern (Cow)
Casa Laguna is home to a wide selection of exotic plants. Our guests enjoy discovering the many nooks & crannies filled with flowers and greenery throughout the inn’s lush grounds.   One of our favorite and most unique groups of plants is our Staggs Horns. We are the proud owners of both a full grown cow and bull plant. Experts tell us these are some of the largest examples they have seen in the area.  Both of these intriguing plants along with two new “calves,” reside on our Palm Court Patio, near our beautiful new Castilian fountain.  Other plants that grace the grounds include a number of Queen Palms, Birds of Paradise, and Papyrus.  Our beautiful red and white Magnolias are just starting to bloom along the Capistrano Suite walkway.  Geraniums have become Casa Laguna’s signature flower, as they do so well here in South Central Laguna’s microclimate. We are always looking for unique specimens that add a colorful touch to the grounds.  With no watering system on the property we have our gardener, Juan, to thank for the tender loving care given to our gardens. Juan feeds, waters, trims, and cultivates by hand across the property every week.  Many of the plants you see as you wander through the grounds have been grown by Juan from seedlings and cuttings.
The Fish Fountain
Landscaping here at Casa Laguna would not be complete without the gentle soothing sound of our fountains.  We currently boast six lovely water features. My favorite is our “Fish Fountain” which graces the walkway to the Courtyard Rooms. This fountain was originally in the Palm Court, but was relocated to its current location when we expanded the breakfast seating area.  Our most recent addition is our Castilian fountain, nestled among the plants and flowers just off the Palm Court.

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