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Welcome to Casa Laguna Inn & Spa

Operated as a tranquil alternative to bustling family-style resorts, Casa Laguna Inn & Spa is the perfect place for a romantic getaway or a relaxing escape from work and worry. Built on a terraced hillside in the 1920s and 40s, today’s Casa Laguna is often compared the to the Mission-style villas of Spain. In order to assure a romantic, calming ambiance, room occupancy is limited to a maximum of two persons regardless of age. Accordingly, our inn would not be suitable for children, infants, groups, or events. Our guests can relax on a garden patio, schedule a massage and therapeutic soak, or take a picnic to nearby Victoria Beach. Our inn is only 1.5 miles from downtown Laguna Beach shops, restaurants, art galleries, and renowned summer art festivals. Public transportation is available just outside our door. Our inn is famous for fabulous gourmet breakfasts. We have been recognized as one of the Top 25 Small Hotels and Top 10 Hotels for Romance in the United States, as well one of the Top Ten Luxury Inns in the world. Read more...

Welcome to Casa Laguna Inn & Spa

With historic Mission architecture, lush gardens, and expansive ocean views, Casa Laguna Inn and Spa is unique among Laguna Beach hotels. Unlike bustling family-oriented resorts, Casa Laguna is intended as a tranquil getaway for couples and individuals. Our bed & breakfast-style inn is all about all about romance and serenity. Read more...

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Jan 19, 2010 · 3 Comments

The Illustrious Chefs of Casa Laguna, Laguna Beach, CA

Casa Laguna has a proud history of bringing a “fine dining” experience to breakfast.  After a decade of change and development, we are now known for our award winning gourmet breakfasts.  It hasn’t been easy, searching out talented young chefs and then convincing them that they can do something special with breakfast, but we’ve been fortunate over the past few years to have had three outstanding and creative chefs lead our food and beverage department.  Each one brought their own style and voice to the popular breakfast dishes produced at Casa Laguna.

Chef Peter O'Keef
 In November 2006, we heard about a young man who was working as a line chef at one of Laguna Beach’s foremost restaurants, Tabu Grill.  After some discreet inquiries, we decided to see for ourselves, so my husband and I went to dinner at Tabu. (It’s tough work, but someone has to do it!) We sat at Tabu’s wonderful “Chef’s Counter,” practically in the kitchen, and sampled the young man’s cooking, and interacted with him to get a sense of his personality and style.  It was quickly apparent that he was just what we needed to help take our breakfasts up a notch or two on the culinary scale.  We hired Chef Peter O’Keefe and gave him the task of turning us into a “Foodie” destination.  Peter was more than up to the task. His innovative food, along with his charming personality, made breakfast an experience for our guests.  In 2007 Peter competed in the first Inn-Credible Egg Competition, hosted by Select Registry.  He pitted his skills against chefs from across the nation to see who could conceive, prepare, and present the best breakfast.  Chef O’Keefe came home with the Silver Medal, despite running in to some adversities on location (the refrigerator assigned to him froze all of his ingredients).  The silver medal recipe was a Smoked Salmon Crepe Purse.  Shortly after winning the award Chef O’Keefe was given the opportunity to work with one of the top restaurants in Paso Robles, and we sadly said goodbye to our first award-winning chef.
Chef Cale Falk
 We were fortunate that Chef O’Keefe had brought an amazing young chef on board as his “second” in November of 2007.  When Peter moved on, Chef Cale Falk stepped up and took the helm of the Casa Laguna kitchen. Cale had several years of experience in fine dining at one of our local resort hotels.  Again our gourmet breakfasts were in the hands of a young, ambitious chef, whose talent and vision brought our food to a new level of sophistication.  With a firm but gentle hand, he put together a strong culinary team who prepared and presented his creations with care and consistency.  Previous guests were excited by the new direction our breakfasts were going, and first-time guests were amazed and delighted to experience this level of food--and “restaurant style service”--at a bed & breakfast inn. In 2008, Cale followed in Peter’s footsteps and was selected from over 200 chefs to compete in Select Registry’s Inn-Credible Egg Competition.  We were ecstatic when he brought home the Gold Medal for his Crab Rosti Benedict. Alas, great chefs are always in demand, and in June 2009, Chef Falk was offered a position of line chef at the prestigious Splash’s Restaurant at Laguna’s Surf and Sand Resort.
Chef Josh Roberts
As one door closes, another opens, and once again our departing chef left us in good hands, as his “second,” Chef Joshua Roberts took up the challenge of keeping Casa Laguna’s breakfast high on the gourmet scale.  Chef Roberts brings a very different style and vision to Casa’s breakfast offerings.  Under the tutelage of Chef Falk,  Josh had honed the skills he had garnered from years on the front lines and was ready and willing to take up the task of guiding us to the next level.  Chef Roberts is a creative force to be reckoned with, and is constantly searching for new and unique seasonal ingredients from local purveyors. He keeps us true to our Slow Food’s Movement roots, and brings a rustic but elegant flair to his menus. His unique versions of “The Benedict” have quickly become high on the list of breakfast favorites for our new and returning guests.  We can’t wait to see and experience the new and creative menus that Josh will pull out of his toque blanche in the coming seasons.

1. O. Henry said:

I've had the opportunity to meet all these guys and tast their food and I can't wait to see what great new breakfast items they come up with.

On Jan 20, 2010 at 02:50 pm

2. Johnny said:

The Chefs at Casa are absolutely spectacular! They pride themselves on delivering the best experience possible and continuously keep guests guessing as they change the menu based on the seasonal vegetables. Pick your poison, either the delightful menu or quaint atmosphere.....either way you can't go wrong at Casa.

On Jan 20, 2010 at 12:56 am

3. E. Allmond said:

breakfast is unbelievably good. I was naughty, and came by on a day trip to enjoy the experience again. Since then, I've been to the inn numerous times. The energy of those creative guests of the historic past is still there, trust me... This place has an energy to it that is amazing and mysterious. If you live close, you have to go there for even just a day...

On Jan 19, 2010 at 08:24 pm

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